The Daily LowDown Party…No Doubt

By Matt Van Hoven 

Are big fancy parties a good way to get your client’s name out? I’ve been to a few of these things, as you undoubtedly have, too. But more often than not, you walk in to some dark club &#151 the kind at which you’d normally have to drop $30 just to get past the velvet rope &#151 and soon realize you’d rather be home drinking milk.

So you walk in to said launch party, and it’s a Tuesday. You wonder why everyone there is so old looking, wonder if you look old, too, before sidling up to the bar for a free, under-boozed, bev. You’re supposed to count to four for a double, ass!

Such was the scene last night at the Daily Lowdown launch party (uh , except that it was a Wednesday night). TDLD is (another) Web site for dudes, and as much as I want to be excited about their launch and their site, I’m not. For starters, the site hasn’t been updated for 17 hours. Does this attest to the slow-n-go feeling I got at their party?

I don’t really think it’s TDLD’s fault that the party wasn’t to be remembered. It had all the makings for a great time &#151 trendy looking guys and gals, free drinky-poos, tasty hors d’ oeuvres and solid music. A semi-celeb even showed up; Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show &#151 which is basically a blog in TV form, hosted by G4.

Wonder how much she was paid for the photo-op? Trust me, Munn never would have stayed for more than 5 minutes if she wasn’t getting some decent dough.

But what’s the point of dropping a ton of cash on a fiesta if the outcome is dismal? It was frustrating to watch, although my cohort and I had some fun pointing out people we recognized. For example, SNL photog Mary Ellen Matthews was puttering around, sapping what appeared to be a Don Julio inspired tequila beverage. See what I mean, that’s how exciting it was. But hey, at least we skipped that $30 cover. Yay for free parties.

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