The Cricket Club/AB5TRAX on Obama ’08

By Matt Van Hoven 

Thanks to the interwebs and YouTubes, we can all stump for, well, anything we want. The video you see above is an example of what you’d call…opining at its smartest. The Cricket Club of New York and LA based AB5TRAX (who have been sharing with us their opinions on the upcoming presidential election for awhile now) are responsible, and kudos we say to them, for participating in such a proactive way. You may recall the myriad bumper stickers we showed you in early September, for example.

Anywho, the video is their latest opinion-gone-viral, and according to TCC’s Roald van Wyk (a South African dude who can’t even vote, but is awesome for participating anyway), the idea was to remind people that the Iraq war is still going on &#151 and that if Sen. John McCain is elected, it will for another 100 years.

Check out what’s more, after the jump.

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Motivated by frustration (we feel that), Roald wrote the script that AB5TRAX produced. The subject of Iraq isn’t discussed in the media in the way it should be, said van Wyk, referring to the death count of Iraqis and American soldiers, the amount of money that’s being spent, and other calamities that we aren’t hearing much about.

Check out the video, it’s def. worth a look.

Director: AB5TRAX
Executive Producer: Hunter Woo
Agency: The Cricket Club of New York
Creative Director: Roald R. van Wyk