The Case For Those Crispin Porter PC/Microsoft Ads

By SuperSpy 

Oh dear. The knock-off “I’m a PC” ads from Crispin Porter are beginning to roll in. Check out the Tron guy above. Yeah, it’s hilarious that he’s wearing that get-up, but here’s the thing – this guy is talking about how he’s a renegade. How he does what he wants popular opinion be damned. And yes, he’s a PC. He’s pretty darn charming about it, too.

Speaking of Crispin Porter and those PC ads – The Barbarian Group’s strategist, Noah Brier, recently posted some interesting thoughts about why Microsoft dropped their Seinfeld broadcast campaign on his blog:

“So why did they drop it? Well, my theory is that it’s because a bunch of people with blogs and such started talking about how they didn’t like/didn’t get the ads. Lots of people were saying that Microsoft needed to respond and listen to what the consumer was saying, but I call bullshit. In a quote for PRWeek I explained, “Other than the Super Bowl, how often do people talk about ads? Microsoft should let this play out. I think there are times to listen to everyone and there are times not to listen to everyone… the people talking about this may not be the audience for this ad. They may not be talking to early adopters.” And I stand by that.”

Maybe Tron guy and Brier have it right – do whatever the hell you want to do. Be yourself. Be true to your brand. At least people will respect you.

Thanks Jonas for the video link.

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