The Bryant Crew May Have (unknowingly) Pushed Some Internal Folks Aside

By Matt Van Hoven 

Reports from inside Publicis in the West, where Strawberry Frog man David Bryant recently took over a new, yet-to-be-publicly-defined role and created his own team, say the shuffling left at least one well qualified PWester on the sidelines.

A Sr. level creative on the interactive team, whose name we won’t share here, was recently put back into the development pool after being told the agency “simply cannot afford his senior salary in the creative department”.

Shortly thereafter, Bryant and crew are brought on.

It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s business. And in this business, getting passed over for that promotion comes with the territory, especially when names like T-Mobile are involved.


Called It: David Bryant, Others, Land at Publicis West; Form Digital Strategy Voltron