The Black Keys Release Music Video/ Movie Trailer Hybrid

By Bob Marshall 

At first, this trailer from director Chris Marrs Piliero looks like it’s for a Machete spin-off or even Machete 2. However, this clever Robert Rodriguez homage is actually a music video from prodco Hello! for Ohio blues-rock duo The Black Keys and their latest single, “Howlin’ for You.”

As neat of a twist as it is when you realize the movie isn’t real, it sort of makes you disappointed when you realize we won’t see the likes of Shaun White, Todd Bridges or “Las Teclas de Negro” anytime soon. The Black Keys have had a history of releasing quirky music videos, from their visit to a Jewish public access show for their breakthrough 2004 single “10 A.M. Automatic” to their recent adventure at a playground for their last single “Tighten Up,” which also comes from last year’s album, Brothers.

Even more surprising is that the band’s label, Warner Music Group, is willing to spend this much money on a band that isn’t close to being one of the top-selling acts in the country (though they’ve been fairly ubiquitous in the commercial world as of late). Maybe Las Teclas de Negro just cornered Warner’s music execs in a dark alley in Mexico and listed a badass music video as one of their demands.