The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

It was a thin week for awesomeness, but the internet as always supplied us with a few moments to escape. Let’s go.
6.  First up on our list this week is this trailer for


. Yeah, the trailer came out awhile ago but the movie is hitting theaters today, so get it.

5.  News. It’s advertising for people who can’t afford advertising, with the added risk of losing control of the message. That’s not the case for the Lubbock, Texas maid service with a twist – they will work nude or topless or in sexy underthings.

4. Casey Neistat is getting traction these days, most recently for flying around the world in 10 days in an effort to “Make it Count”. Here’s another film, where he attempts to “Make the Land O’ Lakes Lady Topless”.


3.  If you own a Dyson, you can’t help but look at it and wonder how fast you could race it down a hill. That’s basically what happens here.


2. TNT killed it in Belgium this week, racking up 11 million views since in three days.

1. Sure, it has fewer views than TNT, but this Tic Tac execution is just the best. Right? It’s the best.