The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

It’s been a break, but let’s get back into what intrigued, amused and startled us over the week.


13.I’m Ron Burgundy? He’s back. This is the announcement.


12. Total Recall is back. Stars Colin Ferrell. You’re welcome.



11. The tablet – it’s been around since 1994, in theory, and this film was used against Apple in a lawsuit where they claimed they originated the idea.

10.  An audiovisual work by Fred Penelle & Legoman that is essentially shadow art + Rube Goldberg. Don’t steal this one guys.

9.  What’s that dollar in your wallet worth? A dollar. But this visualization will make you think.

8.  You’re at the office, but you’d rather be hipstering-it-up at a festival of color. It’s like a ddp, but with more powder.

7. This is advertising man, hear him bemoan.

6. Depends. They’re for old people. But to get on the radar of, someone, the brand enlisted some whipper-snappery  football dudes to wear the product during practice. One question: are they running around with a poopy in their diapies?

5. From the book of catvertising comes this Columbia work. Just watch, you cat loving freak.

4. Where an elephant used a mobile phone, by the Viral Factory. Apparently, it’s all legit.

3. Mix FM, yes, the radio station, found a way to spread their message about safe sex and AIDS prevention – by starting a virus on Facebook that spreads the same way AIDS does – without the recipient knowing they’ve got it.

2. Shit Kids Say best uses the “Shit XXXXX Say” meme, this time to call attention to the abuse kids experience at home, and the need for the rest of us to keep a watchful ear on what they’re saying.

1. Following ‘Halftime in America’, Chrysler came out with four more ads today. Our favorite, Tommy and the Ram, tells the story of a woman whose husband makes the necessary sacrifices to keep his family moving forward.

BONUS: Watch this little dude dance his arse off to the King.