The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

It’s a day early and not a dollar short. Take it away! Oh how lovely, another week has gone by and you’re still here. Well I guess that means we should crank up the old video-finder machine and see what’s what with the internet videos. Sit back, friend, and behold the glory that came to being this week.

6. Humans! They’re super. Even more super is when people whose bodies are differently abled than you and me, yet they’d still kick our ass in the 100 meter or shot put or, well, whatever Paralympic sport they kick asses at. This one will make you feel tingly inside.

5. The Faraday Porteur is an electric bicycle that will make you rethink transportation. Or, at least, it’ll make you think about buying an electric bicycle. Until you see what it costs.

4. They say branding is overrated. But these brand indents for a TV station use stop-motion so nicely, I’m compelled to believe branding is alive and well. It’s alive!

3. Martin SKOR SAY ZEE says Siri is going places. Technically, this is true, since she’s on a lot of phones that are moving all over. But he means she’s on the way to being something big. Great, maybe she can help me become a real boy. Until then, I got nothing.

2. Google, despite making only like one good product, makes really good ads. Case in point, a camping spot that shows off the powers of the Nexus 7 tablet. It almost makes me not mad that these guys have a tablet on their camping trip.

1.Celebs reading mean Tweets about themselves isĀ  just awesome. Hahaha their lives suck. Except for all the money and recognition, that part is less sucky.