The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

Oh baby. It’s hawt out today. The sweat is dripping from your brow even as we speak, and for once it’s not because you’re eating extra spicy wings. So, there’s that. Since you need something to do that doesn’t require touching anything because your fingers are covered in hot chicken wing messes, here’s the week’s best ad related videos. So get yer box-o-meat and don’t forget the blue cheese-dipping sauce. It’s video-watching time.



7. Science = sex, as we all know, which seems to be the reason for the existence of this lovely clip called “Science: It’s a girl thing!” Technically it’s not, but of course ladies are a big part of it. The reason this is the best: it’s so terribly bad, of course! It gets a Darwin award for not making sense (girls being sexy in a lab — makes sense). While this film draws on the stereotypes associated with the unsexiness of science, we are curious to know what insight drove this strat. Something like “fashion + science = girls will flood the science fields”. Here in ‘Murika, at least, the problem is less about sex than it is massive lack of funding thanks to…well, no reason to get into that here.

6. Cheeseburgers! They’re America’s water. Fitting then that we have this film, which uses water balloons to demonstrate how much H2OHHELLNO is needed to create the magical burger of cheese. Hint: it takes a lot. But, duh, we like have oceans full of it and stuff, so. What’s the big deal? No, but this is a big deal and will help you understand that a burger is much more than it seems. Then again, every particle in your body came from the center of a star, or something, so it’s all relative, yo.

5. Late-night, fast-food joints are usually home to drunks or stoners jonesing for a delicious fatty fix. By their nature, drive-thru joints are a great setup for something unexpected, which may be why this “illusionist” chose to pull the same prank on a bunch of restaurant drive-thru peeps. He makes a cup float and everyone freaks out. One guy thinks the dude is a demon. Time to exercise.

4. I’ve always said that, while cigarettes *may* not be good for your health, they are great for your soul and a quick “I need to feel death inside me” fix. But others think this is not worth the risks, for example this kid who asks people for a smoke and then they tell him he shouldn’t smoke and then BAM he makes them think twice about their habit.

3. Mercedes used a fast car to catch a golf ball. Not sure if cool or just a huge waste of time, money, tires, brain cells.

2. The time Kevin Nealon did a PSA for everything to prove a point about how easy it is to help animals.


1. This Dark Knight Rises trailer was exclusive for some kind of brand thingy. Nokia? Whatever the case, do not stand up from your desk for at least a few minutes after watching. Don’t want anyone to see your bat-boner.