The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

Ad-related videos! This is where we find a bunch of fun clips and loosely associate them with advertising because, hell, everything is an ad for something nowadays, whether it’s promoting a movie as this week’s Between Two Ferns clip does, or promoting tolerance with Foamy the Squirrel. So, on to the fun stuff. Happy Friday and don’t forget to thank your mom for renting out her uterus to your infantile-self, so many moons ago.

5. The Olympics! The pomp, the circumstance, the torch…it’s all so beautiful and meaningful and oh shit, the flame went out. Who’s got a match? Someone! Jerry, give me the butt of your cigarette so I can relight this friggin thing.


4. The Discovery Channel is all about crashing stuff, the best example of which may be the Oprah Winfrey Network. OWNED! JK. But seriously folks, they crashed a 737. Watch the glorror. Glory + horror. Luckily only some dummies were harmed, and the rest is just awesome.


3. OK ad kin, get your judging hats on. Here’s the latest from Ford — an ad with no badging, no logos, no mention of the fact that it’s from Ford. When we first saw this we were all “oh shit that’s some good thinking”. But when it finally aired on the tele, it was bookended by a super cheesy over-branded music video on Idol and a “thank you from our sponsors, Ford…” thingy. So, a nice attempt to sell cars based on merit was sort of ham-handedly ruined by someone’s fear that the brand wasn’t well represented. Remember kids, if you have a good product, something insightful goes here.


2. Tenacious D are back! The second piece of fun they’ve given the world of late is this ode ‘du Roadie called ‘Roadie’ which stars Danny McBride (as Roadie). It’s worth the 7 minutes, assuming you have that much time to spare.


1.  This week all the news was about N. Carolina and their ban on gay marriage via Amendment 1. Here’s a cartoon squirrel making a hyper logical rant on the subject of why the world needs to buck up and accept it. ACCEPT IT ALREADY. Equal rights, yo. F’reel.