The Australian Burger King Has Had It with Your Kale Salads in New Clemenger BBDO Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

So, you know how Carl’s Jr. is all about “real” ingredients now, instead of the totally unreal idea that eating fast food is somehow connected to hyper-sexualized sequences starring the people our culture has deemed attractive?

Hungry Jack’s is on the same kick. Sort of. The Australian version of Burger King and its AOR Clemenger BBDO just a launched a big new campaign that tells all viewers to “Keep It Real,” because ground beef and processed cheese are somehow more legitimate than some shit your neighbor grew in his solar-powered roof garden.

Australia is looking a lot like Los Angeles these days, no?

Now wait for CMO Scott Baird’s take:

“We’re not about pretension. We’re about real food, made real good. Over the past 18 months we have make real improvements in the quality of our food with 100 per cent Aussie Beef with no added hormones, cage free eggs, 100 per cent Arabica coffee, no added flavour or colours in our desserts and 100% chicken breast in our nuggets.”

We dislike the concept of kale smoothies as much as the next hungry blogger, but that sounds kind of familiar, what with the focus on ingredients.

From CCO Ben Coulson:

“HJ’s are our biggest client, they deserve our best. I’m proud to be part of this refreshing new direction for them. It’s great to see some fun being had in this category while selling those big beefy burgers.”

So they’re really saying, can’t a chain burger just be a chain burger???*

*If it’s made from 100 percent grass-fed uuuurrrrrrrggggghhhhh…