The AgencySpy Party Has Arrivedeth

By Matt Van Hoven 

The big day is finally among us &#151 when the ad-world can finally come together and share the dirty little secrets that make us all happy we didn’t choose “humanities” as a major (ed’s note: if any of you studied humanities, we apologize; please replace humanities with Naval history). Tomorrow, we celebrate advertising under the auspices of a networking event. For all of you in New York, we can’t wait to see you.

But this won’t be like most events you normally attend. Please. Rather than allow you to grab your drink and walk around aimlessly, hoping to run into someone you know, we’re going to play match maker. Well, sorta.

I, Matt Van Hoven, will be wearing a fedora (or fedorka, as my brother refers to it). It’s light colored, so even though I’m not too tall, you’ll be able to find me. I may wear a brightly colored shirt, too. Nevertheless, I’m going to make a point to introduce myself to you, and make awkward conversation about why you’re there and how you’re much less boring than the last chump I met. That’s advertising!

Unfortunately, my cohort SuperSpy will not be doing the same. We all wish she could attend, but alas, anonymity forbids it. That said, I will act as her representative, and in her stead I hope to meet all of you before I turn into a pumpkin. Err. I’m not really a pumpkin.

A few notes: I’m a “fast-talker” from time to time, so feel free to stop me. I enjoy a firm handshake, and accept all forms of business cards/napkins with funny quips (just be sure to let me know who you are. Oh, and did I mention the first 100 drinks are free, courtesy Because they are.

So get yo-self in gear, and get RSVP’d here or here or here or here (they’re all the same link).

(Ed’s note: We apologize for the grammatical error in the above image. The dog was too awesome to pass up on account of “your” where there should have been “you’re”.