The AgencySpy Comments Are Changing

By Patrick Coffee 

Hello and Happy Monday, readers and ASU marketing students.

Some quick news about this blog: The commenting platform you’ve used for the past several years is changing as we move away from Disqus in favor of Facebook as our commenting platform.

Why will we be using Facebook for comments? Simplicity of use, reduction of spam and easier sharing. News sites like USA Today, Huffington Post, and have chosen Facebook as their primary commenting platform for years.

This is also part of the evolution of the Adweek Blog Network as we align ourselves more closely with the main property. You may have noticed our Fishbowl and Social Pro Daily sites have migrated to the main site, and the ultimate plan is for the remaining three blogs (which include TVNewser and TVSpy) to make that move as well.

Of course we encourage you to continue reading and commenting. You’ll just need to do it with Facebook now.