The 5th Column: SuperSpy’s Next Big Thing

By Matt Van Hoven 

Got word from our gracious predecessor SuperSpy, this morning, of a new venture she’s undertaking that is going to create waves. We’re talking tidal waves, people.

The 5th Column
is advertising’s version of socially-responsible anarchy. Almost a forum, but not quite a blog, per se, T5C is helmed by SS, who you can now call Sabrina Duncan (not her real name, obvi). I think the new moniker is befitting, classy and obtrulescent (not a word, but fun to say).

So what’s the point of T5C? I thought you’d never ask.

To flip the adworld (death stars [SS’s nickname for giant shops, if you weren’t aware] and the like) on their big, waxy ears.

Here’s an excerpt:

“A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group to which it is expected to be loyal, such as a nation or um, advertising firm.

Here’s the deal: I’ve decided to collect all suggestions by agency (how the shop hires, fires, pitches, rewards, offers sustainability, promotes, wastes money, creates, bills or brainstorms). Just scroll down until you find your agency of choice or use the post titled, “The Industry As A Whole.” Click the comments tag located next to the date and get to suggesting. I will then organize the input and email all the comments/suggestions to the appropriate VPs and CEOs. Then, the advertising media. After that, I’ll get someone to ring them up and get a response for the record, which will then be posted on the site.”

More after the jump.

The point of the experiment, according to Ms. Sabrina, is to help the voiceless addies of the world get through to their bosses when things are going down the shitter.

As if CEOs and VPs don’t have enough to worry about, eh? But everyone knows the most successful companies, no matter what the industry, are those that listen to their people. We’re interested to see what happens, so post your comments. We’re hoping Sabrina asks us to do the follow-up reporting, but you can bet your asses we’ll be reading regardless of who asks of the CEOs, “How do you respond?”

Viva la Resistance!