The 13 Most-Commented AgencySpy Posts of 2016

By Erik Oster 

Last week, we managed to find the time between pre- and post-Christmas hangovers to compile the 26 stories that scored more clicks than any others on this here blog in the Year of Our Lord 2016.

But we all know our core audience consists of people who work in the agency world, and we’re also well aware that you guys often refresh this page to figure out what’s going on in the comments. (Remember what happened during the Great Adweek Migration of early 2015? We will never forget.)

On that note, we have used the secret science of Disqus to rank the 2,671 posts published over the past twelve months by the number of comments they inspired — or rather “attracted,” like flies to poop. The fact that we deleted at least a few from most of these threads makes the achievement even more impressive. Great work, guys and girls!


These were the 13 stories that scored the highest levels of user #engagement in 2016.