Thanks, Wheel of Concept!

By Bob Marshall 

Tired of trying to add a trendy marketing aspect to your client’s campaign? Torn between whether to create a Facebook page or an iPhone app, because neither seems very important in the long run? Don’t have any art directors or copywriters under the age of 25 who have experience with location-based software? Or, after you finished creating print, TV, outdoor and radio advertisements, you just ran out of ideas? With the Wheel of Concept, your digital remedies are just a spin away!

Thanks to the charitable folks at Tribal DDB, your clients’ trendy digital needs can be met with very little effort from your creative team. Delight your clients with social gaming (wow!), augmented reality (cool!) or QR codes (how did we ever live without those!?!). Just type in a company name, spin the wheel and download a PDF that looks so nice, you can just stick it in your campaign book without giving it a second thought. Look, your client’s logo magically appeared over FarmVille’s! The best thing about the Wheel of Concept? You get the feeling that it just might work. Hell, you might even get an award out of it. Credits after the jump…

Creative Director: Saman Rahmanian

Account Director: Joshua Lenze

Copywriter: Hunter Simms

Art Director: Sherina Florence

Sound Design: Antony Demekhin

Programming: Andronicus Riyono

Voice Talent: Steve Brauntuch