Thanks Red Tettemer, for the Stomach Ache

By Matt Van Hoven 

I am guilty of blogola. Today I received a package from those punks at Red Tettemer, the same Philly indie shop we’ve mentioned for things like nabbing drunken thieves via Facebook and making virtual sites for tweens. Inside that package was, among other things, a big-ass shoofly pie.

And that’s why I have a stomach ache. I ate some of this pie, which is made of brown sugar and molasses and hails from the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch culture PA is so famous for.

What’s interesting about how I got this pie is that it all started with Twitter. One of Red Tettemer’s folks tweeted that the first three people to respond to that tweet would get a free pie. Two days later, stomach ache. And now I’m semi-intrigued by the whole thing which is actually a campaign for PA tourism. The centerpiece is a 26 minute, 4 episode tiny-film (their words) about this dude who ate some shoofly pie as a kid when he was on vacation and now years later he’s seeking out the beautiful woman who served it to him. Oh, the melodrama.

The slice of pie I ate was small enough &#151 maybe I just don’t eat enough sugar regularly so my body wasn’t prepared for the shock. It was my first foray into the realm of shoofly pie, and maybe my last. But now I’m waiting on an e-mail from PAStories which will alert me to the launch of the aforementioned tiny-film.

Note: I didn’t eat all that pie myself…there were others.

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