Thank God. Dong Draper Got Us Through April Fools’ Day

By Doug Zanger 

It appears as though April Fools’ Day is going to come and go without much in the way of brands participating (though a few are riding it out). Of course, it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense to try a prank with the state of affairs today. Fact is, we’re not in the mood.

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t want, or frankly need, a good laugh today. And, one of the industry’s most reliable merry pranksters, the inimitable Dong Draper, has delivered, along with art director Ira Oksman. We’ll get to the specific April Fools’ Day thing here in a second, but we strongly suggest you see what he did with a little logo “social distancing”:

Now, let’s soak in today’s post on Instagram:

Cannes is creating a separate coronavirus category for 2020.‬ ‪The Covid Lions recognize those in the ad industry doing their part to be responsible citizens. With all the privileges we are afforded, it’s the least we can do.‬ ‪Swipe through to view the “I convinced client NOT to separate their logo!” Lion and other categories. 🦁🏆🦠

Of course, this isn’t true (we hope). But this chunk of levity, sending up our beloved Cannes Lions, is just what we needed in a time like now. See all of the “categories” below and, more importantly, stay safe out there.