Tell us Your Secrets, Stories, Tales

By Matt Van Hoven 

Good morning, spies. It’s a chilly day here in New York, but the ad-world’s hot secrets will keep us warm from now through the rapidly approaching winter. Below is a tip we received yesterday from an ex-Campbell-Ewalder; it made us chuckle.

“I’m a former Campbell Ewald employee. Over the summer, creative director Sue Logar warned us specificaly not to talk to Agency Spy. We’d get in trouble if we did. Ooooooh. Thought you’d find that funny.”

We love hearing these kinds of things, so send your war stories our way. Or, if you’re in the New York City area on November 25th, tell us in person at the upcoming AgencySpy party, right here in Manhattan. It’ll be swanky, sans the wank. So it’s going to be just…sy.

Click here to RSVP. To send us your tips, stories, thoughts, e-mail matt@mediabistro dot com or IM/Twitter agencyspy & superspyin. Cool? Cool.

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