TechCrunch Eats Crow on Hulu Predictions

By Matt Van Hoven 

AP today has a story about how Hulu is the Web site of the year, noting that the News Corp/NBC U offering had steep hills to overcome in order to survive behind YouTube and others. But it did, and now it’s the professional video site to partner with.

A funny comment made its way into the article, in which TechCrunch Editor and notorious press-release anarchist Michael Arrington notes, “Boy, did we have to eat crow. I was wrong. Hulu rocks. Despite ridiculous odds, the company was able to pull of a joint venture between two humongous parent media companies and provides users with a compelling, sexy product.”

So, start talking to Hulu about placement if you haven’t already. And, keep in mind that 66 percent of SNL’s views during the presidential race came from Web viewers (though we’re not sure how many of those were Hulu’s).


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