Team One Taps into the Unknown for ‘The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’ Trailer

By Jordan Teicher 

I must admit that I’m not the avid videogamer I once was. I hung up my gaming cleats in my late teens (about five years ago) and have watched the new releases from afar, flexing my knuckles, trying to avoid a destiny of Carpal tunnel syndrome. Usually, videogame ads all look the same and sport some generic 9/10 rating. But occasionally, a commercial will stand out and make wonder whether I should play again. For those of us who are worried about falling off the wagon, a compelling game ad can be both exciting and scary.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified trailer – created by Team One, which also handles Lexus of course – may be vague, but it is certainly not generic. The three-minute spot sells tone in a cinematic style, and according to Team One, contains 20 Easter eggs for future customers. The game is set in the Cold War and re-imagines a doomsday Cold War where aliens invade instead of Russians. You then have the fearless protagonist who will stop at no costs to complete his mission. The game will be out August 20, and the creators have promised more mysterious pieces of ad content leading up to the release date.

Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
Executive Creative Director: Alastair Green
Associate Creative Director: Phil Henson
Copy Writer: Patrick O’Rourke
Art Director: Sean Lockhart
Executive Producer: Sam Walsh
Producer: Jenny Valladares

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Director- Henry Hobson
EP- Phillip Detchmendy
Line Producer- Trevor Jones

DP: Adam Kimmel

Edit: Editor- Gabe Diaz

The Mill
EP- Stephen Venning 
Producer- Jessica Ambrose
Nuke- Victor Duncan and Zack Cole
CG- John Leonti, Tom Graham, Tim Hanson

The Mill
Colorist- Adam Scott

Sound Design and Composition:
Robot Repair
Douglas Darnell, West Coast Creative Director
Kael Alden, Composer

Stock Music:
Pump Audio Music Licensing

Audio Mixing:
Juice Studios
Mixer- Bob Gremore