Team One, Lexus Launch ‘It Got Better’ with Jane Lynch

By Erik Oster 

Jane Lynch

Team One and Lexus have launched a new series on Lexus’ broadband channel L/Studio, entitled “It Got Better.”

“It Got Better” is a six-episode docuseries telling “the inspiring personal stories of a diverse group of LGBT actors, athletes and musicians including Jason Collins, Jane Lynch, Tim Gunn, Tegan & Sara, George Takei and Laverne Cox.” A collaboration between Team One, executive producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, and the It Gets Better Project (executive producers Dan Savage and Brian Pines), the docuseries just launched with its first episode, featuring Jane Lynch, star of Glee and, more importantly, Party Down. Lynch tells her story of growing up identifying more with boys, discovering her sexuality and treating it as something she was afraid her peers would discover, to finally embracing and accepting it and finding a supporting community. It makes for compelling viewing, well worth the time if you have six minutes or so to spare (yes, this runs a bit long), and a promising start to the “It Got Better” series, which has the potential to do a lot of good for struggling teens. We look forward to upcoming installments (especially from George Takei).


Credits and video after the jump.

Client: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Cast: Jane Lynch
Director: Heather Ross
Executive Producer: Dan Bucatinsky
Executive Producer: Lisa Kudrow
Executive Producer: Brian Pines
Executive Producer: Dan Savage
Executive Producer: Sam Walsh, Team One
Executive Content Producer: Bryan Cook, Team One
Director of Photography: Nate Weaver
Editor: Gabriel J. Diaz
Graphics: David Silvers
Graphics Assistant: David Audelo Jr.
Senior Producer: Brian Donnelly
Producer: Kyle McNally
Producer: Megan Ubovich
B-Camera Operator: Ernesto Lomeli
Make-Up: Liza Zaretsky
Production Sound: Peter Olsted
Production Sound: Andrew Bolas
Sound Mixer: Brian Quill
Researcher: Rebecca Waer
Assistant Editor: Stephen Shocket