Team Detroit, Ford Highlight Iowa Storm Chasing Network

By Erik Oster Comment

Team Detroit launched a new spot for Ford, its latest “Go Further” story, highlighting Ben McMillan and Zach Sharpe two storm chasers and Ford owners who volunteer for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network.

The spot follows the pair as they chase a storm and explain how their passion for extreme weather and desire to help those in danger led them to volunteering for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. Ford is kept in focus throughout, as both storm chasers are identified as Ford owners early on and we see the pair staking out a tornado in a Ford truck. Despite running perhaps a bit too long for its own good, the spot does a good job of telling the stories behind McMillan and Sharpe, ending by saying “Thank you, Ben and Zach for going further,” again carefully tying their story to the brand. While some may find the effort a bit dry, Team Detroit’s balance of branding and allowing its subjects to tell their own story is well-executed, allowing its subjects to tell their own stories while also tying the message to the brand in a way that doesn’t come across as overkill.