Team Detroit Celebrates the ‘Most Distracted Time of the Year’ for Ford

By Erik Oster 

Team Detroit is launching a holiday campaign promoting the 2015 Ford Fusion, entitled “It’s the Most Distracted Time of the Year” in a play on a certain popular holiday song (which, of course, is used as the soundtrack for each of the ads).

As you may have guessed, the campaign focuses on a variety of distracted drivers before touting the safety features of the Ford Fusion. In “Miss Multi-Task,” for example, we see a chronic multi-tasker carry a slew of gifts and desserts while talking on the phone. She then gets in her car (while still on the phone), prepared to drive off, oblivious to the cookies she left on the car’s roof. “There are a lot of naughty drivers out there,” says the voiceover as a list of the vehicle’s safety features appear onscreen, “Steer clear of them, with help from the 2015 Ford Fusion.”

“Miss Multi-Task” is the most realistic of the three scenarios presented in the spots, with “Icy Mad Man” and “Frazzled Father” stretching believability a bit with a man who attempts to see out of a completely iced over car by clearing only a very small circle for visibility and a father who completely blocks his view with the family Christmas tree. These over-the-top antics detract from the message, but the real problem with the campaign is how forgettable it is. There are a slew of automakers touting safety features in various ways (see Hyundai’s “Exobaby” for the most ridiculous of these) and Team Detroit doesn’t do much to differentiate the Ford Fusion here.


Agency: Team Detroit
CCO – North America – Matt Soldan
CD – John Stoll
AD – Matthew Tait
CW – Kristen Wellmer

Executive Digital Producer – Christian Colasuonno
Content Producer – Hollie Brys
Group Business Director – Tim Galvin
Account Director – Pam Marzolf

Production Company: Click 3X
Directors: Cary & Jon
DP: Lyle Vincent
Line Producer: Matt O’Shea
Production Designer: Ron Beach
Executive Producer/Managing Dir: Megan Kelly

Editors: Ed Einhorn, Dana Bol, Erin McCaffrey
Post producer: Jon O’Hara
Executive Producer/Post: Chris Kiser
Color: Milan Boncich
VFX: Mario Caserta
Audio: Heard City