TDA_Boulder Thanks Donald Trump for Being a Racist Jackass

By Patrick Coffee 

You’ve heard of “newsjacking,” right? It’s when completely unrelated parties like a burger chain or an ad agency try to butt into the “national conversation” about a trending topic like a fake rap beef or an equally fake presidential candidate.

Here’s the latest via TDA_Boulder, which recently took us to visit an Amish paradise and sold some puppies for client FirstBank.

The agency’s new project is both more political and more personal: it’s a thank you to one Donald Trump for dutifully playing the role of dimwitted, hair-challenged blowhard, aka himself.

These are obviously TDA employees, though the release can honestly claim that the whole thing was “paid for by the Boulder-based advocacy group Hispanic Democrats for Trump” because the two parties are one and the same. On its homepage (which redirects to TDA_Boulder), a statement reads:


We’re not a political party; we are something even more objectionable, we are an advertising agency. An advertising agency with some ethics and good intentions and we don’t like bullies. Mr. Trump has indicated he is many things – most of all a bully.

This video is our unified stand on behalf of our co-workers, peers, friends and family members who are Hispanic. We’re offended by Mr. Trump’s assertions concerning Hispanic members of our community.

Recent polls prove that Hispanics don’t much care for The Donald for some reason that is in no way obvious, and all sensible people realize that he is a professional jackass–even his own staffers.

When we asked about the origins of this project, we were told that the idea came to TDA founder/CCO Jonathan Schoenberg while he was riding his bike and “thinking about whatever one thinks about when riding a bike.” He then imagined how Trump’s latest xenophobic rant might sound to his own Hispanic employees, and a (fake?) PSA was born.

Will the project affect the 2016 election? Almost certainly not. The release does tell us, though, that it will run during Jon Stewart’s last night on The Daily Show. There will also be paid Facebook placements designed to elicit the usual outrage from one of your three Tea Party aunts. You know the ones.