TDA_Boulder Sells Puppies for FirstBank

By Patrick Coffee 

Because we haven’t yet covered every single ad that aired during the Super Bowl, here’s one from TDA_Boulder that (almost) plays on the same theme as a certain short-lived campaign by Barton F. Graf 9000.

In order to promote the client’s Person to Person Transfers service, the first spot illustrates what might happen if one relies on the creaky old ATM:

Joking about puppies being sold as quickly as possible? How dare they!

No one in “the media” compared the two campaigns because this one was regional, airing during the pre-game in Arizona and the first quarter in Colorado. Unlike the GoDaddy spot, this one also included a post-game follow-up for those with a tendency to get offended at anything/everything:

Maybe the joke was simply more obvious and less risque in this case, but those Golden Retrievers do look pure enough to have come from…a puppy mill!

The eerily prescient press release reads, “For those Super Bowl viewers who might not appreciate unhappy endings to their Super Bowl spots, a follow-up will run later that night…”

Part two aired during Jimmy Fallon in Colorado and NBC’s NFL News Special in Arizona.


Client: FirstBank

Agency: TDA_Boulder

AD: Haley Garyet
CD/CW: Jeremy Seibold
ECDs: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
Account Dir.: Danielle Borden
Account Sup.: Charlie Wright
Agency Producer: Susan Fisher

Prod. Co.: Furlined, Santa Monica, Calif.
Directors: Speck and Gordon
D.P.: Jo Willems
President: Diane McArter
Exec Producer: David Thorne
Line Producer: Aris McGarry

Talent: Charlie Greenleaf, age 9

Editorial/Post: Stitch, Santa Monica
Editor: Andy McGraw
Asst. Editor: Eileen Miraglia
Prod.: Rebecca Baker

Telecine: The Mill, Los Angeles
Colorist: Adam Scott

Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Engineer: Dave Wagg

Animation: Bernard Tan, New York

Music: JSM Music, New York
CD/Producer: Joel Simon
Exec Producer: Ross Hopman
Composers: Doug Katsaros, Nathan Kil, Joel Simon
Business Mgr.: Tricia Krasneski