TDA_Boulder and FirstBank Remind Us That All Money Is Dirty

By Patrick Coffee 

As one of Diddy’s supergroups once told us, all money is really Dirty Money.

No, seriously. Remember those reports about how 90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine? That’s only the beginning. According to a new campaign for FirstBank by TDA_Boulder, they also carry traces of all sorts of other things you’d rather not think about.

For example, there’s this guy, to whom we can only say: ewww.

OF COURSE he uses cash.

The Colorado indie shop has created a variety of campaigns for its biggest client in recent years, going so far as to envision an Amish paradise and threaten to sell some adorable puppies before explaining that the kid was just an actor and the puppies will be just fine.

The latest effort focuses on P2P transfers in targeting the same Young People praised by a crotchety old man in this year’s regional Super Bowl spot about the sharing of pants.

“We don’t see this as an ad campaign but more of a public service,” said TDA_Boulder ECD and partner Jonathan Schoenberg, adding, “Especially for those people who lick their fingers while they count paper money.”

Spots like the one above are currently running as pre-roll ads on various networks including Bloomberg, Reuters and NBC. The campaign also includes some print and OOH work like this poster, which gets right to the down and dirty.

dirty money 1

See, if you use P2P transfers you can avoid going to the bank and having to suffer through coming into contact with Other People’s Money.

As this bus ad makes clear, even the most health-conscious among us is still kind of gross.

dirty money 2

Come to think of it, public transportation is hardly the friendliest place for germaphobes.

dirty money 3

“The campaign speaks to an unspoken truth and let’s our human insight speak for technology,” said the agency’s director of strategy Constance DeCherney. “It creates a little humor in a category–banking–that rarely has the opportunity to be funny.”

Thank god we wash our hands until they’re raw five times a day. That’s normal, right?


Agency: TDA_Boulder
Client: FirstBank

Art Director: Mia Nogueira
Copywriter: Jonathan Schoenberg
Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold
Executive Creative Directors: Jonathan Schoenberg/Thomas Dooley
Agency Producer: Lindsey Ritter
Account Supervisor: Colleen Callahan
Director of Client Services: Christi Tucay Clark
Media Director: Samantha Johnson
Strategy Director: Constance DeCherney

Production Company: Buck Ross
Director: Ryan Ross
DP: Matt Silton
Editor: Lam Nguyen