TBWA\Media Arts Lab Cries Over ‘Onions’ in New iPhone 6S Spot

By Erik Oster 

TBWA\Media Arts Lab launched a new spot for the iPhone 6S, emphasizing the smart phone’s superior video camera with “Onions.”

The 60-second spot follows the story of a young girl who films her mother chopping a red onion and decides she likes the footage. From there she shows her brother, who shows it to all his friends, and before you know it the video is being called an artistic masterpiece. At the end of the spot it even wins an award, presented by Neil Patrick Harris.

The spot follows the agency’s “Timer” spot starring Cookie Monster and its subsequent “Behind The Scenes” follow-up.

Like its predecessor, the spot takes a humorous, tongue-in-cheek approach while still highlighting a key feature of the device. And while it lacks some of the Muppet-fueled charm of that spot (which really was a standout for the brand) it’s nice to see TBWA\Media Arts Lab and Apple not taking things too seriously. Hopefully the¬†agency continues the approach in the future, as the brand’s advertising seems to benefit when they keep things light.

Also, not even a hint of Taylor Swift!