TBWA\Chiat\Day Shows Off That Disney Money in New Airbnb Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky recently caught some flack after blaming TBWA for a maybe-poorly planned campaign* reminding San Francisco residents that his company already pays taxes, UGH.

But bygones being bygones, the agency continues to produce some large-scale work for the “sharing economy” client. Its new campaign starring President Obama’s favorite outdoorsman Bear Grylls and Disney’s upcoming live-action Jungle Book is definitely unlike last year’s “Is Man…Kind?” diaper anthem.

The first spot is pretty much just Grylls falling off a helicopter and onto his own private island.

The island life is real. If you don’t mind going prehistoric in The Netherlands, you might occupy one for as little as $62 per night. It’s a lot more affordable than Beyonce’s $10,000/night “Contemporary Masterpiece” in Los Altos.


The real centerpiece of the campaign, though, is this one tied to Disney’s next big-budget skin-and-CGI flick. It’s almost a trailer for the movie, which might actually be decent since Jon Favreau is directing??

There are plenty of treehouses on Airbnb too…though this one in a Spanish “natural park” would probably never fly in the U.S.

So you can rent out a tree dwelling in your backyard but not an igloo in the same backyard, local building codes be damned.

*We blame the client, because really?

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