TBWA/Chiat/Day LA Elevates Rob Schwartz, Hires Fallon’s Al Kelly

By Matt Van Hoven 

TBWA/Chiat/Day LA has hired former Fallon ECD Al Kelly (called it) who will co-direct the creative department with Patrick O’Neill. The agency has promoted Rob Schwartz to CCO.

Said Lee Clow, TBWA’s Worldwide CCO, “Ultimately our reputation is in our work and Rob has been behind some of the best work this Agency has done recently.”

Kelly, formerly of Fallon Minneapolis, was rumored to be shopping not only T/C/D but also W+K, Goodby, and others. He and O’Neill (formerly a GCD) will co-lead in Schwartz’s old position; Schwartz, you’ll recall, led the “Refresh Everything” campaign as well as Nissan_Shift.

So, why fill one spot with two people? What about Jimmy Smith, wasn’t he in the running for the gig? If Schwartz could handle the big accounts (Visa, Pepsi Gatorade), what does that say about them splitting it between these two? Well either they wanted to make room for the big names to come in or Schwartz was over his head. Then again we all know who really does the work &#151 you (know who you are).

Oh, and we all know Mr. Clow is still, as some call him, the grand poobah of LA. And finally, the agency also promoted Chris Adams, Brett Craig, Margaret Keene and Joe Shands to GCDS

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