TBWA New York Brilliantly Combines Cats and Hats in First Work for GoDaddy

By Patrick Coffee 

Cats and hats are, quite obviously, two great things that taste great together; we hear that this indisputable fact inspired a very popular book and a somewhat less popular film.

TBWA\Chiat\Day New York won GoDaddy late last year following what some might call a problematic Super Bowl campaign from its predecessor Barton F. Graf. In case you don’t recall, the agency’s original work involved the mistreatment of puppies, but the client dropped it for a decidedly less colorful spot based around a guy working (very intently) at an office.

“Go You. GoDaddy”–the new shop’s first work for the client–is very different than both BFG’s work and previous campaigns involving famous women and desperate nerds. Here’s “Cats With Hats.”

CatsWithHats.com does indeed lead to Gato Chapeau, which resembles a mash-up of the tumblr “Fuck Yeah, Cats in Hats,” a Portlandia episode and any number of BuzzFeed posts.* If one were so curious as to click on one of its “Buy Meow” buttons, he/she would learn that “Gato Chapeau isn’t a real business, but it could be” with the help of a certain domain host. That said, it is also an interactive project; here is a picture of our dog sort-of wearing a fez.


ginger hat

The longer ad below will live on social channels and elsewhere.

For the record, we hope the American theater isn’t truly dead.

*Yesterday we learned that the ‘Feed has run exactly 22,5000 posts about cats in its 10-year history. As dog people we have to say that this is not nearly enough stories about cats.

Agency – TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
Client – GoDaddy

CEO – Rob Schwartz
CCO – Chris Garbutt
Global Brand Leader – Sean McCarthy
Global Creative Director; Writer – Adam Wohl
Creative Director – Bill Hornstein
ACD / Art Director – Josh Yeston
Group Panning Director – Julie Darlow
Head of Production – Chad Hoppenwasser
Group Executive Producer – Jason Souter
Integrated Producer – Leigh Alcott
Director of Art Production – Teresa Rad
Art Producer – Kate Pollack
Associate Producer – Katie Boyko
Account Director – Chad Testa
Account Supervisor – Nora Chivelly
Production Company – MJZ
Executive Producer – Eriks Krumins
Producer – Jay Shapiro
Director – The Perlorian Brothers
Director of Photography – Toby Irwin
Editor – Dave Koza