TBWA Moves on From Animation for Principal Financial

By Erik Oster 

TBWA launched a new campaign for Des Moines, Iowa-based insurance and asset management company Principal Financial retiring the brand’s long-running animated approach. 

TBWA drops the animation the company has employed in recent years in the broadcast spot “Moving.” The spot tells the story of a mother attempting to juggle a family and career. When she loses her job, she’s prepared, thanks to her financial advisor at Principal Financial and manages to land a job. So the family moves to “the middle of nowhere” and although her boys are none too happy about the move initially, years later, they express gratitude for their family home. It’s a humanizing approach, attempting to illustrate exactly when and how the company’s financial planning services come in handy. TBWA accomplishes this by telling a story with an easily relatable narrator. It’s nothing flashy or groundbreaking, but the approach suits the client’s goals and communicates its message clearly.

The broadcast spot will run in both 30 and 60-second versions, with the addition of a second broadcast ad soon, with both running through the fall, with support from digital and social media initiatives. The campaign follows on the heels of the brand’s logo redesign from Lippincott.