TBWA Manchester Needs Help Firing People

By Matt Van Hoven 

UK based The Drum reports today that TBWA Manchester “is going through a consultation process” to reduce a few roles within the agency &#151 whatever that means. A statement from the agency’s CEO, Fergus McCallum, is pasted below. He cites the economygod.

“Regretfully we are currently in consultation over the possible redundancy of a small number of roles within the agency. Unfortunately we are not immune to the financial pressures that surround the economy at present and the downward trend in marketing budgets.


“We continue to be successful in spreading our business base and in addition we have already proactively put in place a number of initiatives designed to protect jobs in the Agency. Both of these factors have helped us lessen the impact for our employees and we will continue to do everything we can to minimise the number of people affected.”

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