TBWA Loses Their Lion

By SuperSpy 

Today is all about scandal. There was the Carat email screw-up and Obama Vs. Wal-Mart and now, TBWA has been stripped of their Lion for their work on Amnesty International. Why? Not because it only ran once in some small outlet, but because the entry did not appear in media between the required deadline of 1 March 2007 and 30 April 2008 and so is ineligible. No shit.

Naturally, the Cannes Festival took action after the fact. Terry Savage, chairman of the festival, said

“To be clear, some ads were withdrawn during the judging process whilst other entries are going through a similar checking process. It is important for the advertising and the awards industry that entries made comply fully with the rules and spirit of the Festival.”

Ha. Ha. Ahahahahahaha. Please Savage. Save the drivel. Everyone knows you guys check that stuff after someone else makes a big stink about it. You guys are working after the fact all the time. No pre-festival vetting of ads, means “post mortem” action is their only option and gosh darn it, they are sticking to that policy.

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