TBWA Launches Peace Day ‘Symbols’ for WFP

By Erik Oster 

As you likely remember, McDonald’s turned down an offer from Burger King to collaborate on a McWhopper burger for World Peace Day. Instead, the fast food giant funded a campaign by TBWA for today’s United Nations International Day of Peace, built around a 30-second spot called “Symbols.”

“Symbols” features the instantly-recognizable voice of Liam Neeson, who gets right to the point by saying, “War causes hunger. If we can stop hunger, we can start peace.” He goes on to point out that current wars have led to “more refugees than any time since World War II,” over half of which are children. The spot concludes by calling on viewers to donate at WFP.org/peace. “Symbols” will run online and on broadcast, airing in five different languages, in 38 countries.

“If anyone can help an international effort to help feed refugees and the fight against hunger, it’s us,” McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said, in a statement. 

“Humanity has one future together. This effort provides a great example of people and companies joining forces to make sure we achieve the goal of a zero hunger future,” added WFP executive director Ertharin Cousin.

For its part, Burger King doesn’t seem to be too bitter about having its McWhopper proposal rejected by McDonald’s. The company said in a statement, “Any peace-related activity McDonald’s undertakes, whether in partnership with Burger King or on their own, is great, as it will raise further awareness for Peace Day.”