TBWA Teases Its Super Bowl Detergent Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

What has TBWA been up to?

Good question. The agency has been working on its debut campaign for Persil ProClean, a detergent brand that is currently less than a year old (though its parent company has been around for more than a century). Today we learned that this campaign will make an appearance during Super Bowl 50.

The first, little-seen series for the “new player in the laundry league” launched in 2015, and TBWA will follow it with something worth approximately $5 million bucks.


Here’s the teaser or–according to the press release--“prologue,” which launched today.

That didn’t tell us a whole lot, but the earlier work, which appeared on YouTube over the summer, confirms that the actor whose name we don’t know and don’t plan on learning is some sort of Laundry Spy expert guy.

He appears whenever stuffy society types need help removing stains from their crisp, blindingly white shirts.

He’s a good samaritan of laundry, though. He even helps insufferable brats!

The SB spot was created at the same time as the rest of the campaign, so it will have the same tone.

The parent company’s SVP & general manager of the laundry & home care business unit in the United States, Andreas Hartleb, explains why now was the right time to drop a few million bucks:

“A Super Bowl commercial comes with a hefty price tag but there is no better time or audience than the Super Bowl and its 100 million+ viewers to build brand awareness.  For those consumers who haven’t yet heard about the brand – Persil is ready for its big debut!”

Some backstory from October…

How many detergents are not developed by “professionals,” though?