TBWA and Nissan Can’t Remember Where They Went Last Weekend

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Things We Would Have Posted Yesterday, TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A.’s latest work to promote the Nissan Altima was (perfectly) timed to coincide with the end of the long holiday weekend.

The weekend contest campaign is all about those fortunate “people who love adventures,” and it aims to be the most integrated integration by combining TV, social and “real life experiences.”

In the first spot, someone’s married hipster friends are in a rush. But why? And what is Desmond Howard doing in their car?!

In the second spot, someone likes football and overpriced guitars.

You get the idea: viewers use these small hints to guess where the couple in question spent their long weekend and post those answers on Twitter. There are five destinations for each ad, and here are some instructions in case you don’t know how things work.

We do like the third spot because we enjoy creepy, out-of-context doll’s heads.

You may be surprised to learn that the twitters are doing fairly well on these quizzes in that most users kind of agree on the answers.

altima twitter

There is one more such trip in the campaign (homepage here), and the related contest’s four lucky winners “(and a guest if they choose)” will attempt to recreate one of these four excursions in what we can only assume to be a brand new Nissan Altima.

Coincidentally, users who pause the ads and review the clues about this dateable duo’s destinations will also have a chance to take in all the new Altima features like the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System and Advanced Drive-Assist™ display.

The campaign has received some encouraging engagement on YouTube.

nissan engagement

We might ask why anyone in his or her right/wrong mind would attend Burning Man, but the always-handy New York Post just reminded us that it’s all about famous people doing very dumb things.

Now what was more epic: the Susan Sarandon Timothy Leary memorial tribute, the Katy Perry driving FAIL, or these credits? And how many of the people on the list below have attended Burning Man? Tweet your guesses/answers to #AltimaWeekendWTF.


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