Target Brings You an Indie Rock Christmas

By Bob Marshall 

It’s never truly Christmas until pop music’s current flavor of the month records an ode to the season of giving. Target, continuing to position itself as the most youthful and “in touch” discount house in America, is releasing a Christmas album featuring the some of the biggest names in indie rock. While some of these bands may be a bit unfamiliar to the occasional NPR “Fresh Air” listener, to the South by Southwest crowd, these bands are worthy of deity status.

Sure, the idea of “independent music” and “discount house” may not immediately seem like the most comfortable fit, but look at some of the artists featured on the album. There’s Bishop Allen, who already allowed Kodak to use their song “Click, Click, Click” in a commercial a few years back. There’s low-fi bands Wavves and Best Coast, who’s reverb-laden brand of surf pop is just too adorable to be offensive. Add to that their respective singers much-publicized cutesy relationship, and it’s the token image of holiday cheer. Finally, there’s west coast psych-rockers Darker My Love, who’s friendship with crazy bands like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols didn’t rub off enough to ruin this band’s spirit.


Sure, most of America is content just playing their Vince Gill or Josh Groban holiday albums on repeat until New Years. But, what of the ironic reindeer sweater wearing, flask of eggnog chugging, expressionless present unwrapping denizens of society who intend to use their parents credit card to purchase all of their presents at one convenient location? Now, as they’re leaving Target, they can accuse their favorite bands of selling out and add a six-pack of PBR to their bill. Haven’t you heard? Wal-Mart’s too corporate.