Taco Bell is Excited About Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, Therefore You Must Be, Too

By Bob Marshall 

Hey, did you know that Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos now come in a Cool Ranch variety? Of course you did, and you and your 20-something-year-old friends are probably celebrating in a parking lot or pool hall right now according to this spot from DraftFCB. “By golly, what a wonderful new offering,” you thought to yourself. “I should throw a Doritos bag containing a taco to my similarly aged friend across town. That is what I shall do.” And then you did.

Later, after a wild Millenial night of binge-drinking, intercourse and eating Taco Bell, your friend regales you with a story from earlier today about how he almost dropped part of his Cool Ranch Doritos Locos taco on the street. “Oh no,” you thought, because you love Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos so much. “Did it hit the ground, which would disappoint me and my demographic?” After assured that everything was okay, you continued to binge-drink, have intercourse, and eat Taco Bell. This is what you enjoy doing, and you do a lot of it.

The next day, you and your friends sat around and said “duh” for a few hours. “Duh” is common slang that you and your generation utilizes, and it has become so popular that old people say it too. It’s a unifying thing, just like everyone’s obvious love of Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos. Hooray. Credits after the jump.

Agency: DraftFCB
Agency Producer: Jim Phox
Creative Director: Michael Bryce, Eric Springer

Production Company: Tool of North America
Production Company Location: Santa Monica
Director: Erich Joiner
Executive Producer: Oliver Fuselier
Producer: Kelly Christensen
DP: Bob Richardson
Production Designer: Justin Trask