Swedish Agency Reduces Advertising to a Series of Emojis

By Patrick Coffee Comment

The Swedes have done it again. On Sunday, a Gothenburg-based shop called Dogwash launched “the brand new emoji-keyboard that creatives” didn’t even realize they’d been waiting for.

It’s a real— if somewhat limited–app that might amuse you for a day or two, though the agency took it seriously enough to produce a video teaser:

Our only real complaint (from a UX perspective, of course) concerns the fact that the emojis are more like brain farts than real messages because they just don’t do horizontal.

Here, for example, is “our CD’s dog likes the new intern”:

emoji 1

Here’s “UGH, Don is still talking about ‘Epic Split'”:

emoji 2

…and here’s “Peggy isn’t impressed by your AmEx campaign even though it won a Silver Lion”:

emoji 3

Dogwash’s other interests include jazz, champagne, Eames chairs, and oddly-patterned menswear.