SVP/Creative Technology Director Leaving Deutsch

By Patrick Coffee 

Brian Jeremy Kupetz will be leaving his position as SVP and creative technology director at Deutsch’s Los Angeles office at the end of this week.

Kupetz joined Deutsch in 2012 after working as technology director at the San Francisco-area offices of MIR, EVB and Tribal DDB.

In his three-plus years there, he oversaw tech-related initiatives for clients including Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, VW, Target and others while playing a key role in D-Prep, the agency’s “creative summer residency program.” (One example of his recent work was the Target Star Wars fan universe project from last summer.)

“I made the decision to leave Deutsch in December of last year,” Kupetz tells us–and he’s not leaving for a specific position elsewhere.

He adds:

“Absolutely loved the colleagues and clients I had the opportunity to work with the last 3.5 years. The departure is very amicable; I will likely provide consultation services for a few of our high profile projects as I transition out.”

He tells us that, while he is currently “entertaining a few offers,” he’s not exactly sure where he will go next. In the meantime, he will handle the consulting duties mentioned in the quote above while also devoting some time to personal passion projects that we presume to be related to programming and app/web development.

Deutsch has not yet commented on his departure or its plans to replace him.