Susan Kidwell Leaves Razorfish

By Kiran Aditham 

We reported way back in May that a handful of Razorfish offices were “going remote” and shutting down within a month. While that hasn’t quite been the case, tipsters are telling us now that one of those locations–Fort Lauderdale–nevertheless took a hit. Susan Kidwell, VP, client services and head of Razorfish’s South Florida location, apparently quit last week after 10 years with the agency, effectively leaving the branch “headless” as one spy put it.

While the Razorfish PR flack wouldn’t officially comment and Kidwell didn’t reply to emails, according to her Twitter page, this is in fact the real deal. On Monday, Kidwell wrote “very excited – been quiet as i consider the options the good Lord has put in front of me – resigned from @Razorfish last day will be Oct 16!”

Where this leaves the Fort Lauderdale office we don’t know.

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