Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Hyundai’s ‘Walking Dead Chop Shop’

By Ella Riley-Adams 

When zombies invade, some amass canned foods and hide in their cellars. Others create the ultimate zombie slaying machine and blast through the rubble to save mankind. For the latter breed, Hyundai and its agency partner-in-crime Innocean have invented the ultimate piece of fantasy fodder: “The Walking Dead Chop Shop.” Through the Chop Shop app, enthusiasts can use three different Hyundai cars as their base, then add vehicular accessories like a “horde plow” or two varieties of razor wire.

Host Veronica Belmont introduces the app and interviews people about their ideal car in “Conversations About a Zombie Survival Machine.” People (okay, men) seem to be filled with enthusiasm when they consider the question: Cattle Gun or Flamethrower?

In-app, they don’t have to make a choice, and aspiring zombie fighters can create as many machines as they want. One winning design will be transformed into the real thing. This does nothing for me, but judging by the 14,000 entries and level of appreciation in the videos, The Walking Dead fans will give this campaign legs.

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Creative Credits:
Client: Hyundai Motor America
Executive Creative Director: Greg Braun    
VP, Creative Director: Tom Pettus
Creative Director: Scott Muckenthaler  
Associate Creative Director, Art: Charles Gerstner  
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