SuperHeroes NYC and Lenovo Target Millennial Parents in Google Voice Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

A recent campaign by SuperHeroes’ New York office promotes Lenovo’s Smart Display and Google Assistant features with a simple, universal observation: parenthood is really fucking hard.

The whole voice feature can help “cut through the chaos and confusion of daily family life,” including an energetic kid who refuses to make any damn sense.

What is a “unicorn hairdo?” Is that even a thing?

Google assistant may, however, help determine which sort of animals she’s describing in this bit.

Then, of course, there are the quick recipes.

“Directions, recipes, instructions… all of these are so much easier when you can just see it,” the release says.

We still don’t really get the appeal behind voice activated technology beyond the whole “look ma, no hands” thing. Maybe we’re just proudly stubborn late adopters who refuse to acknowledge that people don’t read things anymore. That must be it.


Agency: SuperHeroes NYC | Amsterdam
Client: Lenovo
Campaign: #SeeingIsBetter

ECD: Rogier Vijverberg
Strategist: Jessica Perri
Copywriter: Elliot Stewart Franzen
Art Director: Ola Syse, Christina Ta
Motion Graphics: Huy Nguyen
Client Services: Rob Zuurbier, Ant da Silva
Agency Producer: Kirsten Cave, Libby Paulson

Production Company: Good Company
Director: Scott Cudmore
Executive Producer: Ryan Heiferman
Producer: Stephen Holtzhauser
Head of Post: Ralph Miccio
Editor: Drew Horen
Post Producer: Andrew Illson