Sunny D Brings on Terri & Sandy for an AOR Relaunch

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember back in the halcyon days of 2015, when everything was still Hope and Change and Grenadier won headlines for recasting the classic ’90s ads for Sunny D with some aging extras?

Those were different times.

Now, the not-really-juice brand owned by Harvest Hill has picked New York’s Terri & Sandy (no more Solution, remember) as its new agency of record after a review in another attempt to reach that young, beverage-drenched consumer.

T&S will launch the brand’s first communications platform since 2015, with the ultimate goal of reaching both the Gen Z kids and their parents.

How did they win?

“I had the pleasure of working with Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg on iconic brands during my time at Kraft,” said John LeBoutillier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harvest Hill. “Their strong strategic capabilities paired with big, transformative ideas, led us to have great success together. We are excited to team up with them to reinvent SunnyD.”

“We plan to embrace what’s in the brand’s DNA—a big personality and a unique, delicious taste—to ignite new excitement,” added Terri Meyer.

Indie shop Media Storm, which has long worked with Sunny D, will again handle buying and planning duties.

For some reason, we really want to see early 30 Rock-era Tracy Morgan star in these ads and say random, kind of disturbing things. Who’s with us??