Suck It, Creatives: ‘Web Developer’ Is the Hottest Gig in Advertising

By Patrick Coffee 

Are you considering a career in the always-exciting field of creative advertising?

Do you want to score a gig that will pay well enough to help you afford that fifth story East Village studio walkup but still have a title that won’t inspire snark among your underemployed but secretly jealous mid-20s peers???

According to the fine folks at CareerCast and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the options are not endless … but they might as well be. Examples of high-growth positions include market research analyst, data scientist and social media manager or Snapchat Filter Aficionado.


We have highlighted the most relevant numbers in this chart for y’all.

Not quite a grim outlook, but 2% doesn’t even cover cost of living increases, does it? What will a guy like this younger, trimmer version of the Most Interesting Man in the World do??

Also, where does a copywriter (no “junior”?) make an average of $45K…

The press release is packed with amusing lines like this one: “While art and copy are important aspects of advertising, the industry would not be able to function without research, planning, and strategy.”

Don’t we know it.

Another gem: “Social Media Manager is another hot advertising job, responsible for helping corporations and advertisers reach the right audience through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, smartphones and tablets.” Tablets!!

“Clear communication is vital for all jobs in the industry, because part of an advertising professional’s work is gaining an understanding of the client’s vision, and being able to present it in an actionable and effective manner,” said CareerCast online content editor Kyle Kensing, who gets all the best quotes.

The top-ranked job on the list in terms of pay is—of course—account executive, because we forgot about all those C-level people. Now let us enter this brave new data-driven world together.

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