Success Has Many Parents And Failure Is An Orphan

By SuperSpy 

The comments have been blazing with folks for or against and the truth is caught between about six players at Tribal and DDB, both. Ah, everyone has their own idea of “truth” and here’s the other side of the Ginsberg/January/Shave Everywhere debacle.

Ginsberg and Vernon worked for DDB NY for two years. Creativity got it wrong. Hey, it happens. However, the pair concepted, wrote, cast, filmed, designed, and edited everything from the site to the posters to the 13-inch promotional rulers – all with another team from Tribal: Brook Lundy, Daniel Modell and big deal ECD Steve Nesle.

In this version of events, credit for the project was fought over between Tribal (Nesle) and DDB (Garfinkle). Apparently, politics is nasty no matter where you play it. The supposed compromise was to call it a Tribal DDB NY project, but include Vernon and Ginsberg. Credits for the work vary from including the duo to omitting them.

I have a feeling that there is more to come on this story.

So… who do you believe?