Stinkdigital Brings Collaboration to Life in Sony Spot

By Erik Oster 

Creative production agency Stinkdigital launched a new ad promoting the Sony Action Cam entitled “Move.”
The two-minute spot, directed by Jordan May, brings to life a collaboration between violinist Damien Escobar and dancer Mela Sierra (also known as “Mela Murder”). Damien wrote and performed a song entitled “Freedom,” for which Mela choreographed and performed a dance routine.

“Move” showcases the performance of both artists with unique shots from their perspectives, all captured (of course) with the Sony Action camera. The camera’s distinctive point of view throughout the spot shows off the device’s capabilities while also capturing the performance with an up-close look at the artists in action.

Fans of either artist should find plenty to enjoy in the performance, and while there’s less to draw in more casual viewers, “Move” does a fine job showing the camera’s unique capabilities in a practical way and lending an extra element to the duo’s performance.


Mori Inc.
Creative Director/Strategy – Morihiro Harano
Director – Jourdain May
Line Producers – IODA Media
Dir. of Photography – Jourdain May
Editor – Jordan Kelley
Colorist – Jordan Kelley
Composer – Damien Escobar
Dancer – Mela Murder
Musical Performer – Damien Escobar