Stephen Colbert Schools Black Eyed Peas on Missed “Advertunities”

By Kiran Aditham 

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Leave it to our favorite faux-blowhard Stephen Colbert to teach even the omnipresent Black Eyed Peas a little something on marketing.

In his music-themed segment “MeTunes”, the bespectacled one last week pointed how the group, whom be aptly dubs “masters of the mass-market sellout”, missed out on several “advertunities” in its video for “I Gotta Feeling.” From hypercolor paint that could have been endorsed by Sherwin Williams to cookies that lacked Mrs. Fields branding, the video compelled Colbert to give “0 Mes” as a rating. A good scolding like this will surely teach the BEP not to slack when whoring themselves out.


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