Stendahls Released a Case Study That’s Not Like Every Other Case Study

By Erik Oster 

Case studies are usually all exactly the same.

Start with a question re-framing the brief as bland music drones on in the background and slowly — very slowly — make your way to a conclusion with a barrage of vaguely impressive-sounding accomplishments. Make sure to note any limitations imposed by timeframe and/or budget while dreaming of Cannes beaches.

So we have to appreciate that instead of going the typical route to highlight its “Timber” social media campaign riffing on Tinder to promote responsible forestry practices for Husqvana (a leading producer of chainsaws and other outdoor power tools), Stendahls tried something a little different. The agency recorded a video of creatives reacting to a podcast about their campaign.

It’s not exactly groundbreaking and the approach feels a bit odd at moments (sometimes intentionally), but, again, it’s not the generic case study we’ve all seen a million times. For that, we are grateful. Also, we appreciate the “Is it tree you’re looking for?” intro. And don’t worry, they manage to fit in some generic music and campaign statistics as well.